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Our 67th Year
September 2021
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Recorders in 1960s Pop Music!
Bob Dubrow is a long-time radio host on MIT's radio station WMBR, hero of Boston's independent rock music scene, and all-round music maven. Bob recently put together a playlist of recorders in 1960s pop music. Originally broadcast on WMBR's Lost and Found program, you can listen to it here.

Amherst Early Music Online
This season's weekend classes begin Saturday, September 11. View the schedule here.

Anne Timberlake's Wednesday Webinars
Anne Timberlake's next Wednesday Webinar is All Together Now: Essential Ensemble Skills, on September 22 at 8PM EST. View her plans for this season's webinars and purchase a discounted all-season pass to all five here.

Recorder lessons
Reach out to our list of local teachers, and explore this directory of online teachers from the American Recorder Society.

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If you have news or announcements of interest to the BRS community, please send your information to the newsletter editor.
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